What We Believe

We are a people and company made up of “like-minded” individuals. We believe in diversity and the dignity of all people. We treat our clients and each other with mutual respect. We believe in “self-responsibility” and do not blame others for things that go wrong. We look at the company as “our” company. It’s a place where we all experience both “personal and professional” growth and an environment that brings out the best in each of us. Our culture is about our commitment to our clients, to each other and our strategic business partners.

“The Brodkin Group is about helping people have a great life. Realizing their life’s dreams, not about the company maximizing their profit,” says Rich. How the company helps agents is unique from the extensive manual they have compiled to their in-house training. Everything is designed with the agent input for agent betterment, and it begins the minute a new agent walks through the door.

This sense of being a part of a greater whole has a marked effect on agents. It shows with the level of commitment and camaraderie and is nurtured through a series of integrated programs. “It’s like a pie,” says Rich. “Training is one part. Attitude is another part. Caring is another part. It’s just a whole bunch of parts that makes up the whole.” The Star of this pie is the training program. Training classes for newly licensed agents are mandatory and free of charge. Organized into 23 modules the classes are taught by Rich and team trainers.

Classes are in modules so agents can jump in any time, and are continually updated with input taken from everyone within the company. Believing that about 95 percent of what agents learn in real estate school they will never use, Rich set out to teach the “how to” actually run a business. “ We tell them you’re everything from the janitor to the CEO,” Rich explains. “So you’re going to have to do your own budgeting, lead generation, making decisions about when it’s time to go to the next level, and how to start from scratch and build a business. It’s a very short period of time. Last year half of the top 10 percent of production for the office was from agents with three or less years in the business. Rich Brodkin believes that is a direct result of the training.

In addition to the initial training classes, The Brodkin Group provides one-on-one mentoring to close transactions quickly and help with cash flow needs.